Werewolf the Forsaken: The Resistance FAQ

What is the feel of the campaign?

The campaign is a tragedy.  The Forsaken are beaten and trapped in London, surrounded by enemies on all sides. The Players have lost loved ones and pack mates.  They should be angry and paranoid, living in close proximity to other werewolves 24/7. The feeling I am going for is the French Resistance in the dark days of World War 2 and also the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars.  You can fight back against the Pure but if they find the base, you are screwed and will have to retreat.  Player death will happen but should always be meaningful.

Where is the game based?

The players are based in a safe house “off the grid” somewhere in London.  The specifics are to be discussed and agreed upon in the world building workshops. You may need to set up other bases should the first one be discovered.

What type of character can I play? 

You can play any type of Forsaken werewolf; your character can come from anywhere in the country as well as you are trapped in London in the aftermath of a disastrous massacre. You can also play a Ghost Wolf if you wish, however that may be dangerous as you will undoubtedly be forced to pick a side. You cannot play Pure Werewolves or Bale Hounds.  If you join the campaign late you can either be a new werewolf that the Forsaken find and bring into their ranks or another survivor from outside London who has made it to the capital. All of the players are essentially one pack, the politics of which should be decided through Roleplay.

What gifts can I use?

You can use whatever gifts your werewolf can afford in character creation. However, beware that learning new gifts will be difficult. You won’t be able to go up to spirits and learn the gift easily whilst in hiding, also new lodge gifts will be out of the question as lodges won’t exist.

How about weapons?

No guns. At all. You may try and capture guns and ammo in the campaign should you wish. Other weapons are fine, but other than small blades/weapons, you will have to explain how you are concealing your weapons to carry around London. I prefer the idea of werewolves as living weapons.

How about XP?

I am not great at maths, so I don’t have specifics yet.  But the campaign will have high start XP and be low XP during the campaign.  In terms of renown I would like to try a system where you get renown points for free.  If you do something worthy of Glory 3, for example, then you get the Glory.  I hope this encourages bold roleplaying choices.

Craig Edgar, London Werewolf the Forsaken Storyteller

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