Starting a New Game or Domain

If you don’t live in or near to an existing Domain then you might want to look at creating a new Domain where you live!

We recommend that new Domains may be created in towns and areas where there is currently no Isles of Darkness presence in order to bring in new members. We suggest that the new Domain should have at least five new players interested in taking part.

To create a new Domain, firstly the prospective Local Coordinator (LC) of the new Domain should contact the Society Committee. The Committee can provide support, including sourcing financial help to get a Domain started if needed, supplying copies of the rules, and promoting their games through our main communication channels.

During the first three months, the new Domain may wish to run closed games, which Isles of Darkness members may only attend with permission of the Local Volunteers. This is to give the new Domain time to form their own identity for their games and gain a member base without having to rely on large numbers of visiting players to run in the future.

Starting a New Game

If a member would like to run a new Game within the world of an existing Genre then they would need to approach the Genre Storyteller (GST). The GST can help the new Local Storyteller (LST) create the local setting and weave it into the wider National Game.

If a member would like to run an entirely new Game using the World of Darkness setting with the Isles of Darkness then they would need to approach the Storytelling Lead. This can be pitched to the wider Society and voted upon. If four members as well as the prospective storyteller would like to take part then it can be set up.

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