Universal Guides 

We have additional rulings (known as “addenda”) that help the Society run games at scale.  The Universal Addendum covers parts of the game common to all genres.

Download the Universal Addendum (last updated 9th March 2018)

The Universal Setting document describes the world in which the games are set.

Download the Universal Setting document

Additional guides:

Combat Reference Cheat Sheet (PDF) – 22nd August 2017

Fighting Style Cheat Sheet (PDF) – 22nd August 2017

Genre-specific rules and guides

Each genre that we run has an addendum with genre-specific rulings and a setting document.  You’ll also find character sheets and guides to specific parts of the games here.


Awakening Setting Document (PDF)

Awakening Addendum (PDF) (last updated 20th December 2018)

Awakening Excel Character Sheet V3.0 (XLSX)


Forsaken Setting Document (PDF)

Forsaken Addendum (PDF) (last updated 31st May 2016)

First Tongue


Lost Setting Document (PDF)

Lost Addenda v1.2 (PDF) (last updated 30th June 2017)

Lost Excel Character Sheet V3.3 (XLSX)

Lost Specific Downtime Actions (PDF)


Requiem Setting Document (PDF)

Requiem Addendum (PDF) (last updated 1st March 2018)

Feeding Appendix (Google Doc)

Status Appendix (Google Doc)

Requiem Excel Character Sheet V3.3 (XLSX)


At the moment, the process for approvals is:

  1. Check with the appropriate addenda as to the Approval Level. If it is LST Approval, a quick conversation with your LST will suffice.

  2. If the item requires further approval, you will need to write an email containing:

    • What the approval is for

    • Why you want the item/power

    • How your character is obtaining the item/power

    • And anything else you feel appropriate to support your request

  3. The email recipients are determined as follows:

    • DST Approval: Send to your LST and your DST. If the approval requires communication with other LSTs, the DST will do that.

    • GST Approval: Send to your LST and the appropriate GST.

    • UST Approval: Send to your LST, the appropriate GST, and the UST.

It is likely that the higher level people in the chain will not respond until the lower levels have had a chance to have input, although that isn’t a hard and fast rule.

Catch-Up XP

What is catch-up XP

Catch-up XP is an extra pot of experience points to ensure that newer characters do not fall too far behind the power levels of established characters. Catch-up XP applies to each primary you create.

When does catch-up XP start from?

Catch-up XP counts from 1 March 2015 as this is when the earliest chronicle game started.

How much catch-up XP do I get per month?

You earn 2XP for every month the chronicle has been running. You can add it to your XP log at a rate of 8XP per month. This award is treated as Overcap XP, so you can still earn XP from games and downtimes as normal.

Full details of Catch-up XP are in the Universal Addendum.