In Character Support

Characters are created using the core World of Darkness rulebook, the appropriate core rulebook for the genre you are playing and can include rules from some of the additional sourcebooks. These rules are customised to suit a national game using addenda, which also tell you which rules are acceptable for play.

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If you are new to World of Darkness games, your Local Storyteller (LST) will be able to help you create a character to fit the games. Characters need to be accepted by the Storyteller (ST) of your local game, and some rare items might need approval from the lead ST for the genre. If you have a concept for a character, let the LST know what it is, and they will help you turn that into a Player Character (PC).

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Our current Chronicle is coming to an end this year and a new set of stories will be beginning. Check out the New Chronicle pitches!

Out of Character Support

Out Of Character welfare is always more important than what is happening In Character. The Isles of Darkness have a Wellbeing Policy which we expect members to read and abide by. Volunteers do have the power to sanction or remove members for breaches to this policy.

Our games contain mature content and disturbing themes so you need to be over 18 to join the society. The Wellbeing Policy also includes our guidance on children attending our games.

As the majority of our games are non-contact with physical combat played out via tabletop rules, our games are physically accessible. We work to make our local venues as accessible as possible but please get in touch with the Local Coordinator if you have any questions about specific accessibility needs.

If you have any queries or concerns about out of character wellbeing or would like to talk to a volunteer, you can contact or one of our Wellbeing Supporters for an informal conversation (you have to be a member to see this page).