Our live games run monthly around the country. Below is a list of our regular dates. A number of games have online components or online additional game sessions. You can find out more specific game information on our Facebook Groups.

Devon (Online) Games

Hertfordshire Games

Local Coordinator: hertfordshire.admin@islesofdarkness.com

Second Saturday of the month in Hatfield

Hertfordshire Lost: 12:30 – 15:30

Hertfordshire Apocalypse: 16:00 – 19:00

Hertfordshire Mortals: 19:50 – 22:50

Kent Games

Local Coordinator: kent.admin@islesofdarkness.com

Sunday after first Saturday of the month at University of Kent, Canterbury

Kent Lost: 12:30 – 15:30

Kent Requiem: 16:00 – 19:00

London Games

Local Coordinator: london.admin@islesofdarkness.com

First Saturday of the month in Central London

London Apocalypse: 12:15 – 15:15

London Scion: 15:45 – 18:45

London Nosferatu: 19:30 – 22:30