Want to explore a world of urban fantasy?

Where monsters really do go bump in the night?

We run games on a monthly basis across the UK and online – London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Scotland, and Devon (online). See our regular game schedule or read about our rules and setting.

We also run several national events throughout the year.

You need to be over 18 to join the society. Our games contain mature content and disturbing themes so you need to be over 18 to become an Isles of Darkness member.

You need to read and agree to our Wellbeing Policy to join the society. The Isles of Darkness have a Wellbeing Policy which we expect members to read and abide by. Volunteers do have the power to sanction or remove members for breaches to this policy.

Attend a game

The best way to get involved is to attend a game. Your first game is free and you can attend your first game without any further commitment. If you are interested, you should contact the Local Coordinator or Local Storyteller of the game before attending – they can help you create a character, play an npc, or make sure you are otherwise expected so you are able to participate fully.

You can join our Facebook Group or email info@islesofdarkness.com for advice.

Become a member

We have several categories of membership:


Cost: £6 per year

Benefits: As a full member, you can create characters in any local game and attend any game run by the society and access our online resources.

You can volunteer for any role in the society and have voting rights.

Restrictions: You must be over 18 to join the society.


Cost: Free for six months

Benefits: Free trial members have the same benefits as Full members, except for voting rights.

Restrictions: Free trial memberships are only available to those who have not been a member of the society for two years or more, and can only be claimed once per chronicle. You must be over 18 to join the society.


Cost: Free

Benefits: Volunteer members can volunteer for any role in the society, and is ideal if you only run games, or only want to attend events as an NPC.

Restrictions: You may not participate in any game as a player and do not earn any experience points for volunteering. You must be over 18 to join the society.

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