Changeling: The Lost – True Fae Part II & Merits

In this latest Lost Blog we’ll talk about merits and the remaining True Fae!


We had some discussions about how things worked out over the course of the last chronicle and made some decisions on what we wanted to keep for this chronicle to fit the new scope and themes. 

We decided that Talecrafting merits and Talecrafting in general works quite well in an epic narrative. However, we want to have a more grounded game where changelings aren’t capable of wrestling control of the narrative in this way.

In terms of cleaning up, we also wanted to remove those merits that should be outside of the scope of the envisioned game. These are the Equinox Roads merits such as Devotee and Manymask.

We also looked at the Fate merits. The Fate merits are very colourful, but hard to use properly in play. As they mostly provide hooks for your Storytellers, we feel that these themes are more correctly worked out in cooperation with your Storyteller, and we might provide more details on this later on. At the moment it remains mostly something that can be part of your background.

Fetch milestone merits are currently still being discussed, but as they cannot be bought we don’t need to make that decision right now.

Options to play Enchanted or Ensorcelled Mortals didn’t gain any traction in the current game, and we are removing those options just to keep things small.

Outsider Fetish can’t be obtained because the Entitlement is not in play.

In line with other decisions, we will be removing Shared Sleep from play.

Removed from play:

  • Unseen Sense: Talecrafting
  • Narrative Master
  • Devotee
  • Disenchanting Kiss
  • Manymask
  • Shared Sleep
  • Sublime
  • Token Master
  • Wyrdskill
  • Bean Buyer
  • Cloistered Spinner
  • Cowherd and Weaver
  • Evil Stepsister
  • Fair Prince
  • Fisher King
  • Mobled Queen
  • Monkey Heart
  • Mortal Enemy
  • Star-Crossed Lover
  • Enchanted Mortal
  • Outsider Fetish
  • Seeming
  • Shared Sleep

Also removed: Enchanted template

True Fae

BF: This fae went through some revisualisations – it started off a lot more like a grey extraterrestrial, but ended up as a creepy mushroom creature. It still remains in concept the least human or even bestial of the True Fae court – with completely alien motivations.
AM: The weird and wonderful. Even in the unknown or unusual, there are always ties to the land and strange beings of power strange structures for mysterious reasons. 


AM: A loss of control breeds misery, something that a True Fae can feed on, misery begets more misery and trying to escape your personal demons means trapping someone new into despair.
BF: This is the most deliberately evil of the True Fae, but they are like a Gothic pantomime villain. They want to prove you’re not as good as you think you are.


BF: The Chamberlain and the Treasurer have initially similar perviews.
In essence, the Chamberlain will make you compete with others for her love and destroy you if you become a rival. The Treasurer will compete with others to prove her love for you, and destroy you if she thinks she can’t have you. The Treasurer also wants to be a big comfy security blanket, as a pervasive presence of surveillance and spies. The Chamberlain prefers to show you that she’s the best and therefore puts in personal appearances.

AM: Metal. War. Fighting. Empire. Authority. Power. 
BF: He’s the Lord of fire, and rock and roll, and skulls, and things like that. Also Lord of Giants.

This represents how to square the circle of keeping the game within a box of having a few True Fae that players can relate to and that plot can emerge from but still allowing players to have the freedom to come up with their own Keeper if they really want to.

These minor True Fae are connected to a Major Fae and in a sense are a smaller part of that Fae’s domain and under their control, which allows some personalisation without leaving the conceptual space. If people stick mostly to the Major Fae, they will have better character ties and be joined up in a tapestry of plot that blends personal, local and global. 

Each of these Major Fae represent an archetype. Our descriptions and images of them are to give a consistent starting point for characters but these creatures are powerful and alien in nature with diverse forms and presentations.

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