What is the Isles of Darkness?

Isles of Darkness is a National society and community of roleplayers that create and play interlinked World of Darkness games across the UK.

We are primarily a Live Action game but supported by an active online play component. Our focus is complex, collaborative story-telling. Our setting is modern day urban fantasy and our themes focus on the mysterious and fantastical, as well as difficult choices and personal horror.

Why the Isles of Darkness?

We’ve been running games continuously for around 20 years with a number of experienced storytellers and diverse community of players.

We run a number of games, with different themes and moods. Even if one game doesn’t take your fancy, we have a number of alternatives to suit different tastes.

If you’ve never LARPed before, we make a good choice for people looking to get involved in the hobby. Our style is ‘just beyond the tabletop’, and focuses on social interactions and mystery solving.

Our aim is to provide an engaging roleplay experience that won’t break the bank. Costume, though preferred, is not a requirement, and as a non-contact LARP, there is less investment in arms and armour.