Enter a world of shadows and corruption…

Isles of Darkness is a National society and community of roleplayers running World of Darkness Live Action games across the UK.

The games are focused around the lives of Supernaturals, the denizens of this strange, dark mirror held up to our own world, and the humanity they must hide from.

Our style ranges from Urban Fantasy to Supernatural Horror, with a focus on rich, collaborative story-telling, social interactions and mystery.

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Wrong Weather for Larp?

We are a parlour LARP society. Our style is “just beyond the tabletop” and our games are mainly hosted in pub or community function rooms with a focus on social interaction and mystery solving. We want to provide an engaging roleplay experience that won’t break the bank. Costume, though preferred, is not a requirement, and as a non-contact LARP, there is less investment in arms and armour.

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How do I get involved?

We run monthly games across the UK and larger National events throughout the year. You do not need to become a member in order to try out our games. Your first game is free so feel free to come along to try us out. Otherwise, you can join the society for £12 a year.

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